Homicide & Suicide Clean Up

Homicide & Suicide Clean Up


The traumatic events of homicides and suicides can cause devastation to the family, friends, and communities of the affected individuals. While it's not something anyone wants to think about, it's important to remember that the clean up of the affected areas is critical for ensuring that the environment remains safe, hygienic, and free from any biohazards. Scene Cleaners of Chicago specializes in trauma cleanup services, including homicide and suicide clean up. Contact us for a free quote today!


What Are Homicide and Suicide Cleanup Services?

Homicide and suicide cleanup services are professional trauma cleaning services that help families, businesses, and communities to restore the affected areas to a state of cleanliness and safety. The services provided by our homicide and suicide cleanup professionals can include everything from cleaning up bloodstains, bodily fluids, and other biohazardous materials to removing all traces of the incident, leaving the area looking and smelling as it did before the event.

A Job for Professionals

The process of homicide and suicide clean up is delicate and requires specialized training, expertise, and equipment. Crime scene cleaners are trained to effectively handle and dispose of biohazardous materials in a way that minimizes further contamination and ensures the safety of everyone involved.

Minimize Trauma to Survivors

One of the advantages of hiring homicide and suicide cleanup services in Chicago is that the professionals provide a fast response. The sooner the cleanup professionals arrive at the scene, the better the chances of minimizing the emotional and psychological trauma suffered by the affected individuals.

Provide The Right Equipment

The cleanup professionals also utilize the necessary equipment to ensure that the cleaning process is efficient and effective. A majority of the equipment is designed to handle biohazardous materials, including blood, body fluids, and other matter. In addition, our professional crime scene cleanup crews in Chicago use specialized disinfectants and cleaning agents that effectively kill bacteria and other disease-causing agents.

Professional Cleaning & Disinfectant

Hiring crime scene cleaners is also beneficial because they provide a thorough cleaning of the affected area. The affected area can be a home, office building, or even a public place such as a school. Our clean-up team in Chicago will go through the affected area, leaving nothing behind that could potentially cause harm or emotional distress to anyone who comes into contact with the area later on.

Empathetic and Responsible Trauma Cleanup Services

Another reason why crime scene cleaners are so critical is that they are trained to handle the emotional burden that the affected individuals may be experiencing. Crime scene cleaners in Chicago understand that the process of cleaning up after a homicide or suicide incident can be traumatizing for the family, friends, and members of the community. As a result, our team works with a sense of empathy, respect, and understanding towards the affected individuals.


Work According to Environmental Regulations

Homicide and suicide cleanup services in Chicago are also important because they adhere to strict environmental regulations. The process of identifying, packaging, and disposing of biohazardous materials is complex, and it must be adhered to to ensure that the environment is safe and that no further contamination occurs.


Homicide and suicide cleanup services play a vital role in restoring affected areas to safe, hygienic, and habitable conditions. While it's not something anyone wants to think about, the reality is that homicides and suicides occur, and the affected areas must be cleaned up professionally to minimize the emotional and psychological trauma that the affected individuals may experience.

Here at Scene Cleaners, our professional crime scene cleaners are highly trained professionals with expertise in handling biohazardous materials, adhering to environmental regulations, and working with empathy and understanding toward the affected individuals. Our cleanup services ensure that the affected areas are restored to a state of cleanliness, safety, and dignity, allowing family, friends, and communities to begin the healing process. If you are in need of homicide and suicide cleanup services in Chicago, call Scene Cleaners today.

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