Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair


Scene Cleaners is on call 24/7 to repair water damage to your commercial or residential property and get you back home or back to work ASAP.

Water damage repair is a surprisingly common need that many property owners are not prepared for. Due to the nature of water, it is relatively easy for it to make its way into your commercial or residential property and cause monetary, structural and sentimental damage. One of the best ways to deal with water damage of any kind is to prevent it, but when that’s not possible and the damage is done, you need to take quick steps to fix the problem.

Different Kinds of Water Damage

There are many different circumstances that could cause you to need repairs due to water damage. Each unique situation comes with its own considerations and methods of mitigating the damage. There are endless ways your commercial or residential property could end up with water damage, including:

  • Storm Flooding
  • Plumbing Issues
  • Frozen & Burst Pipes
  • Sewage Backups
  • Ice Damming
  • Leaky Roof

Additionally, water damage can be broken up into three categories, or types of water:

  • Clean Water: Though it’s a hassle in its own right, clean water is not a sanitary risk, making it easier to deal with. This kind of water damage can come from plumbing problems arising from water supply lines.
  • Grey Water: Grey water refers to water that poses a significant sanitary threat, due to the bacteria it contains. It may come from plumbing problems from a sink or tub that does not contain fecal matter.
  • Black Water: Black water poses a serious sanitation risk, as it usually contains extremely harmful bacteria, often including fecal matter from toilets or sewage backups.

Water Damage Repairs Require Quick Action and Qualified Service

The type of repairs your property needs will depend on what kind of damage it has suffered. Your first step is to contact a water damage repair company that is experienced and equipped, as subpar water removal can lead to more time and money spent later, as well as future chronic health issues.

Usually, an initial assessment is needed to determine the scope of the damage and what kind of repairs are required. At Scene Cleaners of Chicago, we have specialized equipment to help us in this assessment, including an evaluation of the unseen damage that may be hiding under the surface. This step is extremely important, as invisible damage that is not addressed can arise later as secondary water damage and cause more serious problems down the road, including mold, damaged and swollen woodwork, and serious structural damage.

Once an initial assessment is completed, the next step is to make a plan to repair and restore. Steps that are often necessary are:

  • Water Removal: Also called Water Extraction, this is usually the first step to a repair. This step removes the majority of the water and prevents further damage from occurring. Scene Cleaners uses powerful water pumps and other tools to accomplish this.
  • Removal of Damaged Materials: After the first step, damaged material such as sheetrock, insulation, other building materials and personal effects can be removed.
  • Drying: After the bulk of the water is gone, your property will need to be properly dried and dehumidified so mold does not set in. Scene Cleaners will carefully monitor the progress until it’s complete.
  • Sanitization: Regardless of what kind of water damage has occurred, the area will need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to prevent health risks. If the water has been there for too long, this process may include deodorizing treatments.
  • Disposal: Unfortunately, in some events of water damage, not all belongings can be salvaged, and some may need to be disposed of and replaced.

    Once the damage is repaired and the job is done, you are then ready to begin your restoration process.

Scene Cleaners of Chicago Will Walk You Through Every Step Of Water Damage Repair

When water damage strikes and you need repairs, it is extremely important to be knowledgeable and informed on your options. Our staff are outfitted with the right certifications, know-how and specialized equipment to help you through every step. To set up a consultation, assessment and repairs, contact us today at (800) 573-1830.